Cell Symposia: Cancer Epigenomicss

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Sunday, 6 October, 2013
12:00-14:30 Registration
14:30-14:45 Welcome and Introduction
Session 1: Cancer genomics, epigenomics and epigenetic drivers
14:45-15:40 Keynote: Stephen Baylin, Johns Hopkins, USA
Dissecting the Nature of the Cancer Epigenome –  Ramifications for New Cancer Therapy Approaches
15:40-16:15 Lynda Chin, MD Anderson, USA
Epigenomics in melanoma metastasis
16:15-16:30 Selected short talk: Gaetano Gargiulo, NKI, Netherlands
In vivo RNAi screen for Bmi1 targets in gliomagenesis
16:30-17:00 Coffee/Tea Break
17:00-17:35 Tony Kouzarides, The Gurdon Institute, UK
Epigenetic pathways in transcription and cancer
17:35-18:10 Bing Ren,  University of California San Diego, USA
Enhancers, topological domains and long range control of gene expression in mammalian cells
18:10-18:25 Selected short talk: Cheryl Arrowsmith, University of Toronto, Canada
Toward drugging the cancer epigenome through chemical biology of the readers and writers of histone marks
18:25-20:25 Poster Teaser presentations & Welcome Reception (drinks and canapés)
Monday, 7 October, 2013
Session 2: Epigenetic influences on genome stability
09:00-09:35 Emily Bernstein, Mount Sinai, USA
Histone variants in development and disease
09:35-10:10 Jan Korbel, EMBL, Germany
Origin, complexity and impact of DNA structural rearrangements in cancer
10:10-10:40 Coffee/Tea  Break
10:40-11:15 Ben Lehner, Center for Genomic Regulation, Spain
Genetic and epigenetic influences on phenotypic variation
11:15-11:30 Selected short talk: Johnathan Whetstine, HMS, USA
Chromatin modulators provide a new insight into cancer genomes
11:30-12:05 Kristian Helin, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Mechanisms regulating Polycomb Group Proteins recruitment to target genes
12:05-13:00 Lunch sponsored by ThermoScientific
13:00-15:00  Poster Session 1
Session 3: Molecular underpinnings of therapeutic targets
15:00-15:55 Keynote: Jay Bradner, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School, USA
Chemical control of gene expression
15:55-16:30 Peter Tummino, GlaxoSmithKline, USA
16:30-16:45  Selected short talk: Ioannis Aifantis, NYU, USA
Genetic and pharmacologic manipulation of H3K27 methylation reveals novel oncogenic and tumor suppressor activities in acute leukemia
16:45-17:15  Coffee/Tea Break
17:15-17:50 Christopher Vakoc, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA
Role of the BAF chromatin remodeling complex in acute leukemia maintenance
17:50-18:25 Richard Young, Whitehead Institute & MIT, USA
Epigenetic regulation in cancer
18:25-18:40 Selected short talk: Jesse Smith, Epizyme, USA
Histone methyltransferase inhibitors as therapeutics for genetically defined cancers
18:40-19:15 Meet the Editors Workshop (Q & A session with Cell Press editors)
19:30-22:00 Conference Dinner: Meet the Speakers at Restaurante Can Laury Peix
Tuesday, 8 October, 2013
Session 4: Aberrant DNA methylation in cancer
09:00-09:35 Stephan Beck, University College London, UK
Hypermethylation phenotypes revisited: new insights from IDH mutant and HPV+ cancers
09:35-10:10 Manel Esteller, IDIBELL, Spain
Human cancer epigenomics: from knowledge to application
10:10-10:40 Coffee/Tea Break
10:40-11:15 Susan Clark, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia
Regional deregulation of the cancer genome involves epigenetic remodeling and a change in replication timings
11:15-11:50 Craig Thompson, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA
Metabolic inputs into cancer epigenetics
11:50-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Poster Session 2
Session 5: Tumor heterogeneity & plasticity
15:00-15:35 Thomas Graf, Center for Genomic Regulation, Spain
Lessons from transcription factor induced immune cell transdifferentiation
15:35-16:10 Piyush Gupta, Whitehead Institute & MIT, USA
Epigenetic mechanisms of cancer stem-like states and EMT
16:10-16:25 Selected short talk: Marie Classon, Genentech and Constellation, USA
Chromatin modifications and the establishment of drug-tolerance
16:25-16:55 Coffee/Tea Break
16:55-17:30 Fiona Watt, King’s College London, UK
Intrinsic and extrinsic regulation of epidermal stem cell fate
17:30-17:45 Selected short talk: Xingqi Chen, Karolinska, Sweden
Single cell analysis reveals that H3K9 methylation pleiotropically protects against the functional rewiring of chromosome-wide, higher order chromatin structures
17:45-18:20 Nicholas Navin, MD Anderson, USA
Investigating human cancer with single cell genomes
18:20-18:30 Closing remarks
End of Symposia

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